Spring has Sprung!

“Springtime in Ohio is a fickle mistress. It lulls me into the false sense that summer can’t be far away by showing off its petticoat of warm, balmy days with blooming crocuses and daffodils—then I’m zapped when it pulls up its woolen knee socks and lets fluffy snow drift down.” Excerpt from my new mystery series with Birdie Chadwick. It is due to be released next month.

59917474_1549978508469627_8890013833733603328_n[1]Spring is here!! But spring in Ohio doesn’t mean it’s Katy-Bar-the-Door and everything goes into the ground. Where we live, a frost could still come along and spoil plans for a bountiful season.  A year or so ago, my daughter sent a little greenhouse to my husband, Bob, and me. We put it together. We weren’t quite sure what the heck to do with the dang thing. This year after putting cold-tolerant pansies and petunias into pots, I wanted more. New hose, a new watering wand, and pulling copious piles of weeds just wasn’t enough to scratch my gardening itch. I cast my eye around, and it landed squarely on the tiny greenhouse. Armed with seeds, a bag of potting soil, and flats and pots I set about getting herbs, tomato plants, and some nasturtiums for a splash of color started. I’ll admit the picture doesn’t show much in the way of seedlings, but I was thrilled when the first little sprouts popped their heads up. They’re toasty warm and safe in the little glasshouse from the last gasps of winter chill.


You may look at these pictures and mock my sprouts, but it is a thrill for me to see them popping their heads up and out of the soil. Herbs on the left—Basil, Cilantro, and Chives. Nasturtiums and Cherry Tomatos on the right. A friend thinks we’re nuts to plant the tomatoes because they are so bontiful, but I love them and eat them like candy. I pretty darn sure they’re better for me than candy too!