They look innocent enough, right?

55455335_1514186375382174_1970085186389409792_n[1]Bob and I took the dogs for a walk in the park today. It seemed fitting for the first day of spring. The mallards had paired up and cruised across the water in connubial bliss. The male geese on the other hand, were struttin’ their stuff for the ladies by spreading their wings and flapping them against the water. I don’t know how impressed the gals were, Bob and I didn’t get that close. We made sure to steer clear of that end of the pond. Our Duke has a tendency to chase the geese, and I didn’t think they were in a mood to be dashed at by a fluffy ball of fur. Those big buggers can be aggressive. The ducks will scatter, but the geese…not so much.

It was our little Sophie’s first trip to the park since she came to live with us. Our Duke has always followed along. He likes to stick close to us, or I should say he used to like to stick close. Today he followed the wild one, little Miss Sophie. She took off with Duke hot on her trail. Have you ever noticed when you quietly lift the lid on a cookie jar your dogs are right there, staring at you with hungry eyes? For some reason, when on the run they’re completely deaf.

I came home exhausted. Exercise for the day…check!

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