My Other Love

I’ve been writing flat-out for the last few years, but as I come to the end of my third book, Birdie, I’m gleefully rubbing my hands together in anticipation of indulging in my other love. I’ll be surrounding myself in paint chips, fabric swatches, and…those 2x4s aren’t doing anyone any good just sitting in the garage. So, to my dear husband I will say, put down your book, take off your reading glasses, and pick up your trusty hammer.

In my first blog, I wrote about a little about myself and shared a recipe. Decorating and food each play separate roles, or characters, in my books. Writing, cooking, and making things look pretty are passions of mine. As a shop owner and interior decorator, I have torn down walls—not the Berlin type—and put them back up again in different places. I’ve painted—walls not works of art—and upholstered furniture. I often jokingly say I’ll die falling off an eight-foot ladder while spreading joint compound on a ceiling. Hopefully, not until my late eighties. Chuckle, chuckle!!

Birdie is the first book in my new series about a lady aptly named, Birdie. She’s a married woman in her early fifties who owns a shop, The Nest. She has a knack for getting herself into precarious situations and ruffling dangerous people’s feathers. But along the way, while cooking for her family and friends, she does manage to solve a murder or two. A cozy mystery with a bit of a kick–Birdie will make her debut in the fall. I’ll keep you all posted.

These pictures are before and after photos of room Bob, my husband, and I remodeled. The seller actually pointed to the walls and woodwork, then said, “Pristine, never been painted in thirty years.” Yep, we did all the work ourselves. Bob built out the fireplace and we applied stucco to it. We laid the wood flooring.

Before and After

3 thoughts on “My Other Love”

  1. I can’t get over the difference! I wish I had some of that talent, but I’ll have to be content to envy yours…people are so funny, aren’t they? “Pristine…never been painted in thirty years.” Ha!

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