Time Well Spent

As I look back over my life I wonder what time was well spent, and what time did I waste as I stressed over inconsequential things—far too many, I must admit. To a certain degree I still do stress over things that are left undone, but I tend to leave those things undone now. It doesn’t stop me from stressing over them, though. The trim could use a coat of paint, the dust bunnies are lurking under furniture, those bags of mulch aren’t going to spread themselves…and the weeds—let’s not even go there.

The time I missed out with my kids was wasted time. Cleaning when I should have been reading to them, playing with them, building a snowman, climbing a tree, and let the housework be damned. I finally, learned that hard lesson and by the time my grands arrived, I grabbed hold of every minute I could be with them. Those days spent with my darlings, was time well spent.

If only we could turn back the clock and capture all the wasted moments and turn them into time well spent. My musings here are nothing new, nothing you’ve never heard before, or read before—certainly nothing profound. Just me taking a moment to reflect.
Until next time. Kathleen


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